Blackpink Lisa Dancing Videos REACTION! [Lili films] ?


Blackpink Lisa Dancing Videos REACTION! [Lili films] ?

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  1. So no one is gonna talk about how she sang happy birthday to lisa? Her voice is soooo good omggggggg

  2. List of songs she danced
    -Good Thing
    -Take Me
    -Faded (Osaka Japan Concert)
    -Swalla 2.0

    This is her solo dance in their concert

  3. Please react to Lisa dance video call who is this girl? Upload by her company in 2012 since before her debut.

  4. Please react to “reason why Jennie is the main rapper” PLEASEEE❤️
    And to rosè and Jisoo too

  5. You guys should react to Youth With You. It is an idol survival program and Lisa is their dance mentor. You will have a whole new perspective of Lisa after watching it.
    After watch it I have a whole new level of respect for her.
    (Btw BEAUTIFUL VOICE. you're hot AND have a great voice)

  6. great reaction, please react to Lisa Swalla dance 1.0 and Lisa Swalla dance 2.0, trust me, it will blow your mind.

  7. she's a Dance Mentor, in one of Chinese Survival Show.. check her performance in that show please ?

  8. It’s 2 am and I’m watching all of y’all videos….sleep isn’t a thing when it comes to k&r??

  9. since the start i been wanting to see BTS Jhope , BLACK PINK Lisa , and TWICE Momo dance together there styles would fit so perfectly and amazing and since all 3 are older or almost older groups now it would be amazing to see before jhope goes into the military

  10. you need to check out lisa’s dance practice video for senorita and good thing!!!! its really really good u cant miss it

  11. love Lisa so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and also love you guys channel keep react Lisa ???? dance queen ? ??

  12. you will be astonished by lisa’s language skills! react to “lisa being a language genius” by blackpink tea. it’s updated and way better than other videos i’ve seen!

  13. lisa learns superfast too, like i think the choreographer for the first and second dance video said that lisa learned the routines in like 1- 2 hrs, also the abs thouu


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