Don't Forget What ADRIAN Can Do !


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  1. That's the trouble some fans do forget… Sometimes it has me questioning "do we deserve some of these quality players? The glory hunters and some of our fans always looking to perfection when perfection doesn't exist in any way, shape or form

  2. U can do 100 good saves and just one error..thats what people will remember..
    Adrian is a good keeper..i forgive u adriaaaaaaaaan!!

  3. i like him but last night he deserved some criticsm, im glad he won us the super cup but remember he knocked out us from fa cup and ucl, and he has conceded stupid goals before.If karius got hated, by taking us to ucl final and was the reason why we lost it then adrian should also take some hate and dont expect he will get away with it

  4. I am not a Liverpool fan but I have mad respect for you for doing this. Some people forget that footballers are human beings too.

  5. No fue su culpa la eliminación, el 2do gol fué el que jamás debió pasar, creo que fue error de Joe por dejarle tanta libertad de patear, en una situación así tienes que irle con todo. El primero no era tan peligroso porque hacer 3er gol no estaba tan difícil. Adrián es un gran arquero y compararlo con los errores de Karius es ridículo.

  6. Shave your beard remove ur cap and David moyes please reveal yourself ?

  7. He was bought normally to play in the Fa Cup, which he is quite good for, but with Alisson being a bit more frequently injured now, I think they need a little bit better back up

  8. Ilysm mate ty for making this a vid , as a liv fan we all know Adrian have a bright future and is a good footballer although sometimes it might be challenging for him he still attempts to do it with all his courage and although he fails sometimes he still can learn from that and be careful to never do it again ! All those liv haters all saying liv trash and hating on Adrian while they forgot how he shone in lots of games thru the year and months ! We all support him and we know he is excellent it’s just that he is not in his best now ! It warms my heart to know that someone knows that Adrian is not ABD and liv is not bad it’s just that they are not performing their best they can improve better ! Although I think many ppl will criticise me as a liv fan day liv trash idc anymore they did not go from excellent to worst they just are doing decent ! If they are rly trash , they wouldn’t have won anything! I crying a bit while writing this yes I’m bit emotional and if anybody says I’m a cry baby or too emo or something idc all I have to say is reflect to urself before judging people ! Liverpool will never walk alone ! Never ever ! All ppl make mistakes so do u so no criticising Adrian cuz he’s above lots of gks and if you’re so good u should be at the national team or any team !

  9. He's fucked up in two massive cup matches. Karius did one (with concussion) and got slaughtered for it. It's time he packed his bags.

  10. After the super cup, I was so happy with adrian. Mistake after mistake I defended him saying he was one of the best backups in the world but now I'm starting to realise hes not all that great.


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