Highlights | Manchester United 5-0 Club Brugge | UEFA Europa League


See all the goals from United’s 5-0 win over Club Brugge in the UEFA Europa League, including a first for the Reds for Odion Ighalo!

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  1. Seriously Bruno, 2 times PK with same style? ?
    Next must change ur style if not GK can read the ball

  2. This is just goals, not highlights cmon. This video would have been 15 seconds if it was 1 goal.

  3. WOW. They definately waited till after everton to upload this. If other media outlets can have highlights ready within hours of the match finishing then this was definitely planned as a way to cushion any blows we had against everton. The propaganda that Manchester United is delving into is worryingly frequent and manipulative and its becoming politicised.

  4. The admin for this youtube page knew we would drop points against Everton after this game so he delayed it trying to make fans forget about Everton game.

    You would think us fans have goldfish memory?


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