How to make perfect CREAM PUFFS _ Bánh SU KEM (Choux à la Crème)


This is one of my most favorite desserts. What is better when you bite the soft, light puff and the cold, buttery creamy filling just oozes out and melt in your mouth? This is how I make my profiterole puff and the tradition cream filling.

Đây là một trong các món tráng miệng yêu thích nhất của tôi. Còn gì hơn khi bạn cắn một miếng bánh mềm, nhẹ và ngay sau đó nhân kem lành lạnh, thơm bơ trào ra và tan ngay trong miệng? Đây là cách tôi làm bánh su tròn và nhân kem trứng truyền thống.

Pastry Quantities of Ingredients: to make 40 Puffs of about 8grams to 10grams for each puff.
*120ml (=1/2cup) water
*120ml (=1/2 cup) milk
*1/4 teaspon Salt
*100grams (= 3.5 ounces) Unsalted Butter
*125grams (=1cup) plain, Flour,sifted
*4 eggs (= whole egg)
Preheated oven 220C (=425F) for15minutes . Bake 20 to 25 minutes. Leave an extra 5minutes in the oven after the oven has been switched off, before taking the Puffs Pastry out of the oven.
Cream Filling: Quantities of Ingredients:
**18grams (=2 Tablespoons) Cornstarch flour
**40grams (=3 Tablespoons) Sugar
** 3 egg Yolks, lightly beaten.
**240 ml of Milk, “warm” NOT “boiling Hot”
** a pinch of Salt
** 5ml (=1?4 teaspoon) Vanilla Extract
**25 grams (=2 Tablespoons) Unsalted Butter



  1. I love making cream puffs. The last time I made them I made a lemon curd and folded in whipped cream. The first time I made cream puff I used a pineapple pudding from the store and they were awesome. You can flavor your cream puffs in so many different flavors

  2. This recipe looks easy thank you. Could I drizzle a lite sweet icing on top of puffs or drizzle chocolate across top ?

  3. Arată foarte bine ,dar nu mi au ieșit am adăugat lapte nu apa…dar mi-a placut și muzica din fundal.

  4. Delicioso postre!!! ya lo comi y quise buscar la receta y aqui la encontre, pero los que yo probe tenian estaban cubiertos de una miel igualmente deliciosa..

  5. Excellent recipe. Thanks for including MEASUREMENTS in BOTH American?? IMPERIAL MEASURES & METRIC MEASURES. Helps Americans to learn both. Also, I like using both Milk & Water to melt the Butter. It works both ways but I’ve made these since the age of 7 & my Mom ALWAYS used half-Milk & half H2O. They taste a lot creamier & have a fuller texture with ? Milk. Thank you very much! ??

  6. Use 2 small spoons to put the proper amount
    Then with one make a swirl on top
    Not need for the sac a paushe

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