How to Use Zoom with an iPad or iPhone for Client Meetings


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Learn how to use your phone or laptop as a camera while simultaneously sharing your iPad, during client meetings using zoom.

Show notes:

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Hosts – Simon Kelly
Cameraman – Max Jeffcote
Producer – Troy Dean
Editor – Adrian Cabrie
Musical Director – Troy Dean



  1. This App is really for people who like to attend meetings, as opposed to those who merely attempt while at work to get on and actually accomplish something in the day – largely because they want to get home and back to 'a life'.

    The difference in mindset is between those for whom work is a place you go to, and those for whom it is something to do. The sheer inanity of much of the 'functionality' is the give-away here. It's a great tool for wasting away the hours on total trivia. So, for those working in the public sector, academia, large corporates and of course NGO's, this crap will be like mana from Heaven. Zoom is the essential tool for the work-shy, the stupid and the bone idle, providing them with the perfect cover fro their shortcomings. On the other hand, for poor sods who just want to earn a buck, it's about as useful as ploughing a field with a teaspoon.

  2. I am trying to share audio while using Zoom on my Ipad. I do not knwo how to do this. ON a computer or laptop its easy, but cannot figure out how to do it n my Ipad. I do fitness classes so want to use my ipad to film and the people can lieten to my music directly form my ipad while watching.

  3. Hi! great info. I just wanted to know if there is anyway to share audio on the iPad. I know that it is possible to share audio while on your laptop but it seems like the options are limited on mobile devices…any suggestions? Thanks!

  4. Hello. On a laptop version of Zoom, if a user switches over to another app in the background, like a web browser, I can still see a broadcast of them in my Zoom window. However, on the iPad version of Zoom, if a user were to try to switch over to their browser, the video feed of Zoom would dispappear (though they'd still be connected). Is there any workaround for this?

  5. Hi. I am a Zumba instructor trying to do live class via Zoom. I tried it yesterday and everything worked well except for the sound. I am using an I-phone to host and using CD player for music (I tried using Bluetooth speaker at different volumes but sound was terrible and CD was better). Sound cuts out occasionally and it sounds really bad. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!

  6. Thanks for great video .. What is the product call where you draw on your ipad with a pen ? Nobility?

  7. Too fast. Not enough time to view each step. You jump from one thing to another as if we already know how to implement ZOOM. This is supposed to be a tutorial, correct? Almost useless, for me, anyway.

  8. Can we use gallery view (I mean to watch everyone on screen at the same time) if we are connected via iPhone?

  9. My problem is that when I make screen share and I play a video all the others can hear it except me, do you know how I can fix it? I have iPad Air 3

  10. Thanks for the info! I am still trying to find a way to see other folks' video while I am working on notability while screen sharing. I know they can't see my face/video as soon as I start notability. Do you know how I might solve that? Thanks!

  11. if I had a zoom app running on my mac while I'm listing to music on the web does the zoom meeting or classroom hear what I'm listening to?

  12. I have zoom on my laptop, but my iphone just does not download the app, I tried it a hundred times, it is a iphone 8, so should be new enough


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