N. Korea contingency plan would transfer power to Kim Jong-un's sister: Report


“북한, 긴급시 김여정 최고지도자 권한 대행 준비” [요미우리]

North Korea has reportedly been preparing a contingency plan for succession since late last year.
The report in Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun cites a source familiar with three-way discussions between Seoul, Washington and Tokyo… who says North Korea’s Workers’ Party central committee made an internal decision last year… that in the event of Kim Jong-un’s death or incapacitation, all power will be given to his younger sister, Kim Yo-jung.
The source added that since that decision the party and the military have been issued many orders under Kim Yo-jung’s name.
She currently serves in one of the highest positions on the Workers’ Party Central Committee, and is considered the second most powerful person in the regime… and her brother’s most trusted aide.

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  1. She could be in power for 50 years. Unless she is less of a rocket man, that’s tragic for N Korea. Women may be more ruthless than men, to counter the sexism of Asian societies.

  2. Almost all comments in this channel are against NK..

    This poor SK people.. You are not even free.. You are under the Control of US empire.. You have no freedom..

    Your military cannot move without the instruction of US military..
    Poor souls:)

    Meanwhile, NK can do anything.. And SK Master, the evil US cannot even touch NK:(lol

  3. The world has become a joke. To begin with, this fat sick fuck becominga president of a nation. Then he eats and drinks himself to death. If one looks at this monarky, it seems that the ugliest looking and the most degenerate idiot somehow climb to the top of the food chain. Amazing.

  4. Why are you still on this stupid stick about Kim being dead! So. Korea says the murderous bastard is alive and well! And they would certainly know! So get off this story and report the real news!

  5. Power should not be given to her. It wiil be big mostake. Already two generation made NK biggest hell.

  6. This is a murderous family and regime. My take, if KinJong Un is dead, and she takes over. It would not be for very long. There will be a power struggle.

  7. How much do you want to wager that Kim Jong’s offspring wouldn’t make it to that exalted position ? Shakespeare’s Plays weren’t really authentic representations of history but , still, think Richard III .

  8. Next in "My Little Sister Cant be A Dictator", Supreme Leader Kim Jong Yo-chan attends a press conference with US President Biden-kun but things didnt go exactly as planned!

    Biden-kun:Konnichwa Kim Il Sung, "sniff sniff", last time I saw you was when the British attacked Pearl Harbor during the Vietnam War, sniff sniff grab.

    Yo-chan:Eh!!!What are you doing to me Biden-kun!Yamete!!

  9. I do not think we've ever seen a woman hold absolute power here in East Asia since the Qing Dynasty with Empress Dowager.

  10. People don't know that his sister is more ruthless and violent. If Kim jong Un's sister will take power probably she will purge her brother central government and build her own.

  11. You thought Kim Jong Fat was crazy? Wait until you see how many people she executes when it's that time of the month.

  12. Hopefully she’ll give all women in korea a freedom no need to act like robot anymore just be normal ?

  13. Give that gal a couple dozen big mac's. You need to be plump if you want to be the supreme evil leader of NK


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