RB Leipzig knock Tottenham out. How worried should Spurs fans be?


Graeme Souness, Kevin Kilbane & Brian Kerr react to Tottenham’s disappointing exit from the UEFA Champions League at the hands of RB Leipzig.

Souness believes this is “worrying times” for Spurs.

The trio discuss the early days of Mourinho’s time in charge and how he can improve things.



  1. To stay competitive you have to keep replenishing the squad with equal or better players, spurs arent doing that, you cannot expect higher or better results with the same team, its not logical.
    Sure theyve bought in one or two players but some are too young and still developing and some are luxury players who were a gamble.

  2. He didn't inherit a great squad…hmmm didnt he take over 6 months on from a champions league final

  3. Fuck I’m glad Jose is not the united manager now his methods are old skool and it shows, Daniel levy will be wondering wtf he’s done!

  4. Glad to see the back of Mourinho at OT, No suprise he has caused mayhem at spurs, Its allways never his fault, Never been the special one in my eyes.

  5. I agree Mourinho could (and frankly should) have done better than he has. However one thing I think a lot of people do miss out was the loss of Eriksen. I know it was all understood when he took the job, but that meant starting from a more difficult position. The champs league finalists minus Kane, Son and Eriksen are obviously going to lack firepower but I do believe that if he is still the top manager that we often say he is, he ought to be making a better show if it (particularly defensively) than he has. I think at the very least they should have been giving RB Leipzig a game and ought to be right in the fight for top four. Just my opinion though.

  6. Spurs have been defending awfully ever since Mourinho came it's just that the goals of Kane and Son were covering over the cracks at the beginning

  7. Funny – when Liverpool were finishing below spurs every season for 5 consecutive seasons and getting dumped out of Europe year in year out I never heard souness talk about Suarez being worried about how poor his team is. And thinking about moving on, yet when it’s spurs these pundits love to gaslight spurs. And create a splinter.

  8. Even a spurs b team is better in personnel than wolves, Sheffield Utd etc so why can’t Jose get results?

  9. Bottom line under jose unless his team are superstars they are useless. He is flat as a banana skin potch was way better. Jose was same at united. He lives in his oast and thinks he is the godfather of football. He should go back to commentary

  10. I doubt there's one club out there who seriously could fight to win the CL who wants Harry Kane. No disrespect, he's a good pure 9 but that's not the kind of player coaches nowadays put their hopes into because if you set up a team for Harry Kane to function, it only does with a Harry Kane. There's no flexibility in it.

    For top teams he was only useful as a secret weapon to bring in the 60th. minute if nothing else works. Let's face it, he's the prime version of a Divork Origi. If this role works for him, he should really search for a new club. If he wants to play, he should stay and hope.

  11. Cuz he's living on past he's finished good times are gone for him blame player's his job get best from them players

  12. What are people talking about? Mourinho himself says he wouldn’t make much changes to the team. He has quality players.
    Every team would struggle if they have four of their first key players out.
    Imagine Liverpool without Mane, firminho, Dijk and Alison?

  13. Spurs are just an average team that had a lot of luck last year but at the end not enough and thats it .

  14. Like Souness, Mourinho as an armchair pundit is a genius. But there is a reason why Souness is sat there and why Mourinho may prefer a career there instead ?


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