Reasons Why GTA SAMP Is Better Than GTA Online


GTA Online VS GTA SAMP. Reasons why San Andreas Multiplayer is better than GTA 5 Online. Heists, Pay To Win, Economy, Cheaters, Updates and more. Subscribe for more and Enjoy the video! Read full description 🙂

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NOTE: The main purpose of this video is to show several reasons why GTA San Andreas Multiplayer is better and more fun than GTA Online. And entertain and educate. The thumbnail shows the preview from games in this video.

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  1. Which Multiplayer is better? Do you want more videos from GTA SAMP ? Let me know by hiting the thumbs up and comment below! 🙂 Special VOUCHER CODES (Bonus) hidden in the video 🙂 Visit this SAMP server through this link and earn a lot of bonuses when playing on servers. Enjoy the show and Join our Army on Discord bro! 🙂

  2. Just got the school computer they gave for free due to quarantine, Its fucking useless, it runs GTA SA like a potato, its really broken.

  3. Why I can't enter the GTA SAMP MOBILE can you guys please teach me how to enter REALITY LIFE ROLEPLAY PHILIPPINES BECAUSE IVE STUCK IN LOADING SCREEN

  4. There's is FiveM and some other programs that are the equivalent of SAMP for GTA V,SAMP was also made by modders not by Rockstar same as FiveM

  5. Very true I've been playing non stop on on welcome to los santos 2 during corona virus, I've got 5 but it blows compared to samp. Just so much life in samp.

  6. Because there aint no opressors mk 2 and orbital cannons that keep interrupting you while you’re minding your own business

  7. I remember playing SA:MP when I was 10 and now I’m almost 20 it’s crazy how ahead of it’s time samp was

  8. There is also MTA:SA its also GTA San Andreas Online there is more like races shooter and stuff i find MTA:SA better than SA:MP

  9. You are forgetting about FiveM, SAMP it's made by the community and FiveM too. FiveM has everything and more that SAMP has. GTA Online it's much different but if you want a better experience than SAMP use FiveM.


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